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Nordland Ethanol International PLC, (div of GAIAN Bioenergy), UK

Inventure Solutions Inc. (a Vancity company),  Canada

Charles Schwab & Co., North America

Odlum Brown Limited, Canada

Credential Financial Inc., Canada

Osaka Exchange, Japan

Wit Capital Corporation, US

 NYSE Arca Options, US

Penson Financial Services, Canada, US, UK

Central 1 Credit Union, Canada

Mizuho Bank, Japan, US

Fidelity Investments, US, Canada

Novations Inc. (o/a DealMaker), Global

We love hearing from our Executive Leaders - it keeps us humble; making us ever more focused on helping our clients reach their professional and business goals. 

Meet Chelsey!

She had one simple goal. CFO. And with GITTI's help, she reached her goal.  


Here’s her story:

“My top takeaways from Gitti's program was a new sense of self. I always knew I had accomplished a lot, but my Leadership Consultant (LC) really brought that out of me and improved my self-confidence; bringing a new perspective on the challenges I was facing and gave me coping mechanisms for dealing with stressful situations so that I didn’t end up reacting without thinking through the situation first, and learning how to pick and win my battles. My LC took the process very seriously and did not just give me the minimum requirements of this program. We talked or video conferenced every week for one hour; I was given exercises, homework and tests, and we've continued our relationship since the program ended; albeit at a lesser frequency. I felt like she became my champion because she took the time to really get to know me and advocate for me. You need to be able to share anything with your Leadership Consultant and not feel judged for feeling or reacting a certain way.”

Chelsey Goossens – Controller and Interim VP of Finance/Chief Financial Officer for Woodtone Industries Inc. Chelsey has numerous certifications, including a CPA, CGA Designation, ACCA (UK) designation, Bachelor of Commerce Degree, Diploma and Certificate in Accounting, and is actively pursuing an MBA Degree.

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