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The GITTI team provides clients* with a wide spectrum of advisory and business services support.

Our team has been asked to:


  • bring companies to a public market

  • help with financing and capital raising

  • review technology systems 

  • support and assist startups

  • use our competitive intelligence to identify new products and markets

  • help good leaders become great with focused executive strategies

  • conduct Anti-Money Laundering audits

  • create corporate policy and procedures, including Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Client (KYC)

  • conduct compliance reviews 

  • litigation support

  • help financial companies with SRO membership and registrations

  • help clients with system and business transformation projects and conversions

  • help companies by stepping in as an interim leader in a C-Level role - providing day to day and strategic  support

  • having our experts sit on Advisory, Public and Private Boards

After all, our experts are simply awesome.

*GITTI welcomes queries about our projects but respects the privacy of all clients. Please contact us for further information regarding the services available to your company.

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