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Business & Project Consulting

Improved quality and performance, and reduced risk of project failure.

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Service Description

‘Business consulting' is an umbrella term which encompasses many types of consulting — from project management, employee training, to difficult tasks such as laying off employees. Put simply, business consultants analyze a business's practices and then recommend improvements. They will usually have some form of specific expertise that they are hired to leverage on behalf of the company. Organizations may hire one of our business consultants if they need: Someone who can look at the business objectively to identify problems and provide solutions. Specialist expertise to solve a specific problem or capitalize on an opportunity. Someone neutral and objective to handle controversial issues like layoffs or conflict resolution. Extra horsepower to supplement the existing staff. GITTI business consultants ask questions like: What are this business's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)? Can we re-allocate resources to produce better returns? At this moment, should this business focus on acquiring more customers, increasing the average order value (AOV), or retaining customers for repeat purchases? Our business consultants are hired for their experience, track record and understanding the reality of your businesses' pressures and challenges. GITTI consultants are in great demand due to the breadth of their experience across many industries, and they have advanced expertise in specific disciplines.

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99 Harbour Square, Toronto, ON, Canada

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